Friday, September 20, 2013

16 days in

... and this morning I got my first, "Hi Ashleigh's mom!" from a little boy in her class. Yes! >insert fist pump here< Then another little girl waved at me as I was leaving the school after drop off. Hooray again! I've worked in the classroom (doing busy work) once and helped out with P.E. twice. Sixteen days in at the new school and I got kid recognition. Boom.

We took a hike last weekend up in the hills by our house. The weather was warm but there was a wind. We saw many, many squirrels, cows, a hawk and even a coyote! The trail marker that the children are standing by lists four different names: Cumberland Trail (a local trail), Black Diamond Mt. Diablo Regional Trail, American Discovery Trail and Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail. Wow! Who knew this crossroads was just in our backyard and I love that we get to learn a little more about hiking.
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