Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homemade I Spy Bottle

Some time ago while perusing the toy aisle of a big box store I came across an 'I Spy' in a bottle toy.  Basically it was little bits of stuff in a plastic bottle surrounded by rice, I think.  It was $20 and I do remember the price.  So tempting but the crafter in me said, "You could totally make that at home... you're crafty!  Buy that and you are a chump!"

I didn't buy it.  The toy has been on my mind forever though! 

So, I finally made it.

After gathering some miniature items from around the house (garage, craft cabinet, boy's room and girl's room), I set to making.  To add a bit of word recognition I added the name of the color in each grouping (I so do love to sort by color).  I used Picasa to create a collage of the photos, printed them out and then slipped the paper in a page protector.  The photos aren't the best but I think the point is getting across. 

Ryan helped.  It was fun.  Pardon the well used and loved baking pan.  It's not the prettiest but it turns out some wonderful creations from our oven!

After we were done, Ryan enjoyed making "cakes of rice" with the leftover rice.

Homemade I Spy Bottle Recipe

1 empty plastic bottle with lid
Miniature items

1. Clean out bottle.
2. Fill with items.
3. Add rice using funnel.
4. Close lid.
5. Shake the bottle.
6. Go spying.

Serves many at all ages.

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Stephanie at Grateful Heart Acres said...

This is a wonderful idea...and so easy. I am going to do this with my nephews. They love the 'I Spy' Books. Thanks so much for sharing this. Love it.

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