Friday, April 22, 2005

My blood runs red, white and blue

If you don't like pancakes for dinner, you ain't 'Merican! Now get off my porch (insert shotgun cocking and spit-ding sound here)!

Couldn't come up with anything creative for dinner last night so we had pancakes and sausages... Deee-lish!

**Page break**

It occurred to me that everyone and their uncle has a blog including waaay too many computer saavy stay at home moms! (Oh wait, that's me!?) What's up with that? I guess, anything that keeps you sane is okay with me. First off, I started one because Dave's co-worker's retired father has one and darn it all I should have one, too! So, there...

I'm not quite sure where this is going but I do know that if I am jumping on the 'band wagon' then I hope it's a good ride... not the local Carni ride where you fear for your life but a mix of Sunday afternoon ride with a bit of curves thrown in for good measure... oh and a stop at the nation's biggest piece of fruit.

ou gotta love this country!

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