Wednesday, April 27, 2005

..these are the days that must happen to you..

Spent two hours cleaning the floors upstairs as well as the stairs in an attempt to rid our house of the dog hair... I love that Gypsy girl but GEESH! she sheds!

Went to the doctor this morning... she's the coolest... like a football coach for women's health. We chatted about Ashleigh and I commented on the fact that it seems like once you get used to a child's behavior, they suddently switch it up on you. And you never seem to get 'it'... My doc says in response, "you'll never get 'it'"... wise words indeed, Coach.

Dave got a call that he won't have to weigh the decision to stay with his current employer or move on to a new one... so frustrating the circumstances but it's for a reason, my mother always says.

I've been looking at places to go camping this summer... somewhere near here or there. Love the water and the mountains... that I know.

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