Monday, June 06, 2005

Defining Success and Happiness

Dave and I are working on our definition of success and how it applies to us and our family. When we were younger and very impressionable, we used to define success as having a lot of money or perhaps it was that success meant you had a lot of things, i.e. nice car, big house, new toys... Thinking this way drove us for a long time... we are such goal driven people.

So now success is more about happiness. If you are happy, then you are successful type of thing...

Well, what does happiness mean?

Now I know for sure happiness does not mean the acquisiton of as many material things as possible. So we can knock that off the list.

Because you can be the Queen of Wherever with castles a plenty and jewels to bathe in and yet feel like crap inside... nope, not happy to me.

Or you can have the right cars, a beautiful house and the latest techie gadget on the market and yet struggle with wondering if you can make it on one income when the baby comes.... nope, not happy to me.

I am happy when:

My daughter laughs.
My husband kisses me.
My mother hugs me.
My sisters call me on the phone.
My husband and I make dinner together.
We go hiking in the mountains.
Friends send random emails.
I finish a scrapbook page.
I laugh so hard my stomach hurts.
I hear a favorite song on the radio.
I smell a favorite scent of the season.
I know we can make it on one income.
I let go of the control I so often grip too tightly and remember that God has a bigger plan for me than I could ever imagine.

And if I focus on those things in life that make me happy, that make us happy, then I am, we are successful.

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