Thursday, September 15, 2005


Can i really be at 22 weeks already? I'm over halfway there now. It is nearly unbelievable that I am this far in my pregnancy.

The believable parts are that my belly is sticking out more and more (more in the evening!) and I can feel that little boy kickin' 'round everyday. The sucky parts (and unfortunately part of the believable parts) are not really fitting into my regular clothes and sudden bouts with my emotions (had to battle that last night - two words, not fun).

On a lighter note:

It was a miracle I pulled off changing Ashleigh's diaper in the front seat of my truck today in the parking lot at Costco. After loading up the back seat with various items, I lift her out of the cart and realize she might just have to be changed. I ask her and she replies, "Change wiper, Mama?" Drats, guess this means I'm really going to have to... So with acrobatic skill and finesse that seems to come with motherhood, I manage to get a clean Huggies on that child while she plays with all the various knobs on the steering wheel. I should win a freakin' award for that one. At least honorable mention.

Oh, and I should mention that while in Costco, I checked out the fleece sleepers for Ashleigh... so cute! Little did I know that as I'm digging through the piles looking for her size (are all the children in my area size 2T!!!), she has pulled off a stack of about 8 sleepers and plopped them into the cart. Nice. Must remember to keep the cart farther away... such a rookie move!

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