Monday, April 03, 2006

drumroll, please........................

Ryan has slept through the night! Yes, you heard that right! Hooray!

Okay, well it was just Friday and Sunday night but still it feels so great!

...and Ashleigh asked me if she could go in her bed today to sleep! Craziness! Life is good when the 2 year old knows it's time for her to check out for a little while.

Bought some Method baby laundry soap for the children's clothes and love it... now I see Target doesn't have a spot for it in their stores anymore! Drats! Must find more... checked out their website and saw they have wipes for stuff... so cool! Now, I think I found an answer to my hatred of housecleaning... but I did buy this crazy product for the shower... it even has a timer so you have a moment to get out before the grenade attacks!

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