Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I know it's only Rock and Roll but I like it...

I love rock and roll. Always have, always will. There is nothing more exhilarating in terms of modern music.

With that being said here is my history/love affair with hard rock...

So, I can't really remember the first rock song I heard but I can remember some of my siblings' albums and holding them in my hands, reading the lyrics and thinking this is wild stuff... I think I was around 7 or so-ish. I remember my sisters' rug hook wall hanging of Bob Seger (thought it was Jesus for a loooong time). My one sister's Tom Petty t-shirt and her pink faux fur lined guitar case.... sweet! And of course, lots of John Cougar Mellencamp...

When we moved to Los Angeles in 1983, my world changed dramatically and so did the music...

I distinctly remember listening to Jump by Van Halen on my headphones as we drove home from a trip to my uncles somewhere on the 405... thinking this is loud, this is crazy, this is great!

So now I segue into my quick review of rock bands in honor of VH1's Month of May Metal craziness:

Van Halen: A little cheesy and at times a bit too, um, well, sparkly with a lot of grease on it... like a chandelier that needs a good cleaning... Love that Eddie and his guitar though. Can't beat the early stuff that's for sure. I guess I'm more of a Diamond Dave Van Halen fan versus the Red Rocker era.

Motley Crue: They scared me. Too much devil and make up... and platinum blonde frontman... too much. Alas, I fell for Home Sweet Home and I was a Crue fan... would love to see them in concert.

Guns N Roses: Who didn't love them? Absolutely amazing... every song... also, a bit scary but in a good way. Where is Axl and his serpentine dance moves now?

AC/DC: Gotta love that video for Shook Me All Night Long... so rock and roll. I think, they are a must see for me. Angus and his shins are my heroes

Ozzy: Remember the Bark at the Moon video? That's my first introduction to the Prince of Darkness... who knew that there was a little itty bity group named Black Sabbath?

Bon Jovi: The band I obsessed about in high school... I only saw them once in concert and it was amazing... I loved them and still do. They lost me after New Jersey.

Def Leppard: I really didn't get into this band at all... too in your face... I mean, c'mon, Pour Some Sugar on Me!? Geesh... Although that Heartbreak song gets me everytime.

Poison: No, thank you. They all need a flea dip.

KISS: Couldn't get into it... ever.

More later...

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