Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What I awoke to this morning...

A huge Apple Fritter from the little donut shop by our house... my favorite... here is what is left after my blood sugar hit a new high. It was even aglow with candles as it was presented in bed.

What could possibly be the most silliest and unusual birthday experience for me happened this morning... alas I have no photos of that to share however I will try my best to describe this craziness... It turns out that today is neighborhood trash day which means everyone on our street has their crap out on the sidewalk. Lovely. The bonus was seeing this huge garbage truck and bulldozer type thing come up our tiny lane and squeeze all this stuff to shreds... I mean, like a whole couch and a portable basketball hoop! I actually think I enjoyed it as did Ashleigh... funny thing is I can hear them working streets away as I speak.

So what do you think this all means on my birthday???

I'll ponder that as I, hopefully, enjoy some fresh corn on the cob tonight... :)

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