Friday, March 30, 2007

Adventurous little trip

Just this Wednesday, the children and I drove over the hill to Berkeley to meet up with a friend... good times. It is so amazing to come through the tunnel and see the view of The City and The Bridge. Made me smile outside and in.

We ate at Bette's Diner, shopped at various stores including Anthropologie (only things we could afford were home decor items under $20!), a fun soap store and, of course, a scrapbook store among others. Can you believe I bought nothing at the scrapbook store! Plenty to check out but alas I have too much of a stash at home...

Also, came across this bag in a bookstore...

The front of the bag:

The back of the bag (side I'm more partial to!):

So funny but yet if I got it I would surely be in for an extreme lightning bolt.

Before we headed to 4th Street, we stopped at Ikea. Returned some things and picked up some things. Great big store full of horrible disposable stuff however cheap. Eh.

The result of the shopping trip ended with this:

Orange juice popsicles made with a $1.49 Ikea popsicle maker! C'mon, you know you want one now!

1 comment:

Jane said...

It was a great time! I went back and looked at the bag. Too funny. :)

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