Thursday, April 26, 2007


So I've got a cold... went from Ryan to Ashleigh to Dave to me. Lovely. I'm at that point in the cold process where your nose is all full and tingly and you sneeze a lot and your head is full and your throat is scratchy and you just want to sleep and you feel achy. Yup, that's where I'm at... and I hope that I did not give my cold to a little baby we saw last weekend... I really hope I didn't.

It was "Picture Day" at preschool this morning... sigh. For some strange reason before school, Ashleigh got scared so what did this mom who is not ashamed to bribe her daughter do? I told her if she smiled really cute for the photographer, I'd give her strawberry ice cream right after school... nice, huh? Y'know, turns out she did just fine and, in fact, has completely forgotten about the ice cream... :)

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