Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random but still summer-ish

Wow, did it turn summer over night or what? Thank goodness Dave put in a ceiling fan in our bedroom this week... and of course thank goodness the A/C works again (did I forget to mention that in May the A/C too wasn't working... yup... didn't work, got it fixed.). More ceiling fans going up later this week too...

The backyard is so much fun still... we sat outside in the grass last night after dinner with the children in their kiddie pool just hanging out. So great... that's all we wanted.

The children are fighting a small bug... Ashleigh had it and now Ryan does. She had a fever, he has a runny nose and something that causes him to stay up for 4 hours in the middle of the night... wahoo! ugh.

Dave, mad working man he has become, has finally slowed down in terms of his schedule... no more 7am - 12am days ahead. Looking forward to Father's Day... and dear, I know you read this, I have been paying attention to your hints about gifts... don't you worry.

me... my birthday's coming up... yippee 34. For some strange reason 34 seems cuter to me than 33. Don't ask why... it just does. So what to do for 34? Our street is holding a block party on the 23rd so we've somewhat decided to have a small b-day celebration, too. I'm really not into big "look at me!" parties (I mean c'mon what's there to look at?)... so a small ta da! will do. The next day my mom and I will celebrate along with Phil since he has a June b-day too... good times ahead.

And so with that here's a photo of our daytime summer fun... scrappin'! (Yes, he's on the counter... it's not like he falls off of them or anything and then has to be rushed to the ER for stitches... and yes she's using a marker... it's not like she draws all over her entire body with them calling herself a cheetah... oh, um, wait, okay, well, um... okay, then what are you going to do about it?) Enjoy!

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