Tuesday, September 04, 2007

beat down times two.

So, this morning I woke up and stumbled across the floor to let the dog outside. She has her own special spot on the side yard now so I take her through the garage and let her out that way. Well, as I was walking through the garage I stub my right foot on a big heavy green bin and curse loudly as it was rather painful. Now as I deal with the pain and the poor dog sadly looking at me with her own pained face I manage to hop to the side yard door. In another perfect moment of grace, I bang the door into my head/face... yup. Battered and bruised and it's only 7am.

Now it's later in the day and since I'm involved a bit more with our preschool, we head over to help out. There are a few moms and their children busily getting things ready. One little boy decides to go head to head with Ryan over an ambulance... it isn't pretty and Ryan gets the short end of the stick with a whack to the head from the ambulance. Poor baby boy... Later another little boy decides to grab his arm and yell at him in his ear! Ouch! Thankfully, both moms are on top of their boys and speedily set to punishing...

So Ashleigh is the one who came out unscathed... eh, the night is young though and it's only 8pm!

Oh and how cool are these? LL Bean makes them for children... sweet!

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