Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We spent a good portion of the day hanging out since I am sick again... the little boy is too. We did manage to get ourselves together enough to make it to Ashleigh's Spanish class and walk around the park for a bit, too.

I think I have had more days of sick than non-sick since, oh, about, Halloween. Hooray! Boo! On January 7th, Dave and I went to the doctor to find out that we both had sinus infections... and now I have a sore throat and that wretched cough again... dammit. I hadn't been to the doctor's for a cold since I was about 22 or so... a long, long time ago.

Anyway, I haven't scrapbooked in a long time either... my stuff is super organized and I have a ton of ideas... just haven't... don't know what it is outside of being sick but I just haven't pulled myself or my stuff together to make a page. It'll happen though, I know.

Here's a recent shot that definitely will go down in the scrapbook. I think I might title it "What happens on a rainy day in our house?"

Another shot of the boy on the day we celebrated his birthday at Tilden Park's Steam Trains in Berkeley... when we got there he kept saying, "Hear it! Choo trains!" Sigh... and my heart melts again because of him.

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