Monday, April 28, 2008

Parent & Me Soccer, Part 2 with photos of actual soccer, well, sort of

So here we go... another round of soccer!

The boy going in for the kick:
Still going in for the kick:
We've made contact!:
So thirsty... must drink!:
One more kick for good measure:

So really, that whole sequence lasted about 20 seconds since Ryan was all about kicking down the cones and that was about it.  The coach wanted the kids to "put out the fire" with their balls since they were "fire fighters" then he wanted them to "ride their trains" or dribble the ball to the stations (the flags)... Ryan kept wondering where the train was!?  When was it coming to the park for a ride?  So confusing... 

Anyway, mostly the boy did this:
Yup, he ran around and tried to go from flag to flag but alas it's totally more fun to run and completely fall in a gigantic heap of laughter.  Can you really argue against that?  'Cause I got nothin'.

1 comment:

Lizz said...

For the first time ever, he looks like Ashleigh in that last laughing photo! I've never thought they look alike!

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