Monday, April 14, 2008


This morning.  Ashleigh and I ventured to a local gymnastics studio with the preschool on a field trip.  Totally nice facility.  The parents can watch from a cool lookout type spot over the children as they front pike handspring somersault roundoff straddle themselves silly...  I did the math and we could have both children in the program over the summer for a decent price actually.  Considering it... maybe.

The weekend.  It's good to live in a neighborhood that makes you feel at home.  On Saturday, we went from one neighbor's house to another's for a BBQ and then on Sunday a birthday BBQ.  Can't beat that... warm weather and good times.  And yes, we bought a Slip 'N Slide.  DO NOT try to slide on the aforementioned summer water toy feet first... your head with bounce off the earth quite nicely and you will wonder in a split second what the hell were you thinking... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT.

Tonight.  Ashleigh is slowing becoming less of a consumer and more of a producer in the house.  She attempted to open the locked garage door for Gypsy as the poor pup needed to go out... As Ashleigh was struggling with the lock she shouted, "I can't handle this!!!"  Wonder where she learned that.  :)

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Molly said...

Unless she brings in $$$ she is still a consumer :) but you have to love her priorities.

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