Sunday, June 29, 2008


Celebrated my 35th birthday in Las Vegas.  Ate at Bouchon.  Watched the Beatles.  Walked down the strip and saw the sites and then some... only there for 2 days (if that) and that's all.  Done.  Home now and I'm glad I am... and, yup, I missed the babies terribly.

Oh and I saw a quarter of Led Zeppelin the other night... and, yup, that was unf*%$'in-believable.  So, sure I heard Black Dog and it was way, way slowed down but, um, yup, I've heard it by the one and only Robert Plant.

Yep, it was a good birthday with a good man... thank you, Dave for holding my hand during our "first first class" flight and dealing with my need for shoe fashion in Las Vegas... I love you.  We had a time and it ain't so bad... 35.

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