Thursday, June 19, 2008

Big girl bed.

It's been a long time coming... but Ashleigh has a big girl bed now.  Sigh and hoorah!

Dave took some time off from work a couple weeks ago and, well, since it's too expensive to really drive anywhere we basically hung out around the house and visited semi-local attractions.  We also planned and built Ashleigh's bed.  Er, I planned, and he built.

I drew a quick sketch, dropped in some dimensions and he went to work.  Didn't even take him that long really.  He disliked the finishing process... painting the whole thing white.  He put up this plastic barricade thing in the garage so he would have a "painting booth"... I thought he was going to pass out from heat exhaustion in there!

When he finished, it was time.  We pulled out the crib.  The crib that has been her resting place for 4 and a half years.  (Oh and yes I can get sentimental about a crib, thanks.)  Sigh.  A few nights before it went in she started to get sentimental too.  Nearly started bawling.  It took all of my strength to not say, "Of course!  You're right!  You're not ready for a big girl bed!"  But alas... it was time.

We brought the new bed in.  Set up the mattresses and bedding.  Stood back and smiled.  Sigh.  She's in a big girl bed now.  And she loves it... so that makes all the difference.  

Plus, the crib is moving on to good friends who will welcome home their sweet baby boy soon... and that helps a lot, too.

(The bed with a sign posted to the left stating "No Boys!"... nice, huh?  The sign is in her handwriting and was her idea... I ain't gonna argue that.)

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