Monday, June 02, 2008


I can remember as a child living in L.A. when the Lakers beat the Celtics... we lived in Canoga Park in an apartment complex with a big pool in the middle and we spent a good portion of the 1985 summer in that pool.  There were patios that looked over the pool and on a hot summer day when you should be outside in the sun I can remember the shouts and whoops coming from those apartments... I can also recall how when the Lakers won that series the shouts and whoops were ridiculous... ridiculous.  This is where I also developed the subtle yet deep hatred of the opposing team, the Celtics.

Then in junior high they won again... I remember I painted my nails purple and gold.  Now that's team pride right there.

And so now... here it is again.  Different but the same.  One thing remains the same though after 23 years of first hearing it and believing in it...  


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