Thursday, August 28, 2008

All to himself.

The girl is at Grammie's house right now and this is how it looks in our living room:

(It's all about how many trucks and cars we can drag out!)

The boy is having quite a good time without the girl.  We went out to dinner and had pizza and root beer and then the boy ran through Trader Joe's with such fervor making sounds like a gibbon monkey.  

Later that night, when we called the girl, the boy asked her, "My sister at Grammie's house?" and when asked about going to sleep he asked her, "You go to Grammie's room?"  So cute... 

We'll go this afternoon to pick her up but in the meantime it's just Ryan and Mommy.

Oh and another quick thing... Ryan has taken to calling everyone a "silly goose" including "Biffy" aka Gypsy and that is adorable...

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