Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We are the Wolves!

The Woodside Wolves, that is. 

Today we turned in paperwork to register Ashleigh for Kindergarten. Thankfully, I'm on it. The line at school was not. We waited about an hour and then when we got to the table to actually register, it lasted about 5 minutes. Done and done.

Hard to believe, some say, that she's already old enough for Kindergarten. It isn't hard to believe, really. I've been here every step of the way and I know she's ready. Over-ready, some times.

As we waited in line, Ashleigh found a coloring table and some friends. She's so easy in that way.

I choked up for a moment as we walked to the the room where registration was being held. Just a brief swelling up... of my heart. Then you look at her and the way she was bounding in with us... it really is amazing. Tears of sadness? No, not really. That little baby is still there. I can see her. Tears of, well, moving on and moving up. Another moment. Another milestone. Tears, too, because, well, I'm a sap.

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