Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think I can say this without jinxing myself

I haven't had a cold in like forever! WOOHOO! Last year, I think I was sick from about somewhere in October to, oh, somewhere in March with a sinus infection in between that needed antibiotics. Good times. I really haven't felt sick at all and in fact everyone in the family here was sick about a week or so ago and I didn't feel a pinch of anything. Hopefully all that horrible-ness from last year gave me the cold fighting force field of a preschool teacher.

Today, it was nice and warm and no one was sick so we played in the kiddie pool. Good times. If you follow me on facebook then you've seen this photo and the comment I made. If you don't here are my comments. When I look at this photo I think: 1) Goggles are key. Check! 2) BWAHAHAHAHAH! 3) I love my children.
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