Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tour of California 2011 Stage 4

Last year, we went to the Tour of California when it started in San Jose.  We saw Lance and quite a few other big time cycling giants. 

On Wednesday, we drove to Livermore to see the start of the fourth stage of the Tour.  It was the only Bay Area stage start for this year so it was crowded.

Ashleigh & Dave in front of the Team Jelly Belly bus

Ryan & Dave in front of the Team Radio Shack bus

The Shack's bicycles

My favorite girl cyclist

Leopard Trek's bicycles

 We did get to see Leopard Trek riders Andy Schlek (he came in 2nd in the 2010 Tour de France) and Jens Voigt (the oldest rider in the Tour).  Dave even got both of their autographs.  

Andy Schlek

Jens Voigt

Andy on the left and Jens on the right
The children rang their cowbells as the stage started and then we followed the riders into the hills.  It was a long day but we packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the time together.  

Lick Observatory on top of Mt. Hamilton

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