Monday, June 06, 2011

This week's meals.

So I missed last week's menu due to the sinus infection from Satan.  I did have it all planned out and I think it kind of helped Dave with making dinner for the children.  I'll post last week's after I do this week's menu.

monday - frozen pizza with salad

tuesday - pork tenderloin kabobs with pineapple rice

wednesday - bbq chicken and macaroni salad

thursday - seafood 'bake'  also the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

friday - Rocco's (we just purchased a very cool Living Social deal for this restaurant)

saturday - hot dogs and french fries with a fruit salad

sunday - tbd (hoping for summerish weather and a good day for outdoor eating)

LAST WEEK's meals

monday - Memorial Day dinner - chicken and steak kabobs with salad and watermelon

tuesday - tacos

wednesday - leftover beef stir fry

thursday - grilled ham & cheese with tomato soup

friday - takeout chinese food

saturday - leftover chinese food

sunday - hot dogs

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