Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to us all...

... well, let's see...

I am now 32, Dave is 31, and Ginny had her baby the day after my birthday. Abigail Julia Stofer was born on June 29... such a sweet little thing. So tiny!

We celebrated my birthday with a Beer Can Chicken and corn on the cob. Dave's birthday included a seafood boil! Man, was that a lot of work... the corn and shrimp were the highlights. I also got Dave an awesome Mudd Pie for dessert and proceeded to light sparklers along with the candles... Wooopsie! I wouldn't recommend this... Let's just say, that sparkler debris is not tasty at all.

After all these birthdays, Ashleigh has learned to sing the song now... very sweet indeed. She is so smart!

I wish I had something more prolific to say but alas I don't... it's hot here and I have a feeling that it won't get any better any time soon. But we can afford A/C so that's all that counts.

I have fallen behind on my page a day challenge and really need to catch up on pages. I've got more work at my local scrapbook store and it's kind of stressful but it's good to have a little challenge in my life. As if a 20 month old isn't enough! :)

I'm currently at 14 weeks and feeling pretty sluggish these days. It probably has to do with the heat and chasing after Ashleigh all day but I know it's just a precursor to life with 2 babies so... I'll get used to it like usual.

So, 32 feels like 31... eh, I'm in my thirties... and, well, it's actually pretty darn good after all. Life is good.

Happy Birthday!

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