Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Update on a few things...

Reread some of my posts and thought I'd do an update:

The fever I had in May was not good... it lasted about 8 hours or so but it turns out that having a fever at 6 weeks can cause problems. Fortunately, I have the same chances now as everyone else... I took Tylenol and kept track of it... it was only up to 102 for about 2 hours... problems happen when you take nothing and the fever is over 102 for 24 hours.

Being with the family in June went well... seems as though I focus on the negative way too much and need to really look at what we have in common rather than the differences. It's hard but it will be worth it.

Ashleigh was sick again for about a week... she had another fever and this time it turned into an odd rash. A virus... that's all. Freaked me out though when I took off her shirt at bedtime and there were all these red pinpoint dots on her body. Scary stuff. Like I said before, time stands still when your child is sick.

I'm working on reworking my scrap space... we're looking into a storage spot for our extra furniture we have acquired. Moving the office into the guest room and the guest room stuff to storage. The office will be the new nursery... for the new baby...

Okay, that's it for now... here comes Ashleigh! :)

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