Friday, August 26, 2005

In the light...

... you will find the road. -Led Zeppelin

If there were any truer lyrics that helped me this week, those were it.

We received news on Friday of last week that one of my blood tests returned an abnormal result. So, for 2 days we distracted ourselves with friends, laughter and faith. On Monday, we went to my doctor's office and were given nothing new except an appointment for an ultrasound. So, by sheer determination we waited until only 1:45 pm to find out that we are perfect. The test was false. I was offered an amniocentisis but declined.

Dave and I prayed and looked to one another for strength. Whatever the outcome, everything would be fine... and it is.

So, here is some joyful news. We are having a baby boy. We were positive we were having a baby girl again. Have to shift gears in an amazing way... a son... wow.

When we found out with Ashleigh, the technician said, 'You're having a daughter.' Not a girl, but a daughter... made it so much more real by saying it in those terms. This time, the doctor said, 'Do you want to know the sex?' I look at Dave who is beaming and say, hesitantly, 'Sure...' The doctor pauses and says, 'I see a pee pee.' We all laugh and look at each other and hold back the tears... although, for me, a few sneak out... and what a silly way to give a couple the news! He also tells us that 'pee pee' is not a medical term. Really? What a crack up. Thank you Dr. Hershey for helping us through that incredibly hard moment.

With a less heavy heart from last week and a reaffirmed faith in God, too, I look toward the light and find the road.

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