Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Everyone has a story to tell...

After reading another blog the other day, I realized we all have a story to tell and sometimes that story is sad and similar to ones that we all share.

The post I read was about some silly junior high teasing that profoundly affected this one woman's life. It was so terrible and I felt as though I could have written it. It made me think that all of us share so much... not that I was happy to find out that this person had this experience but that it surprised me that this seemingly put together person had such a common bond.

Sadness. Ridicule. Scars.

Crap that puts you right back there if you encounter some idiot today.

Again, I read another post from a different blog and similar feelings arose.

We are all so much alike... we are all feeling the pain... we are all dealing with "it"...

I am ashamed to think that I am the only one who has ever gone through wretched crap in my life... and somehow secretly wear it like a badge of honor on the inside of my coat. I feel like the less I share the stronger I am... how silly is that?

It is in that sharing those feelings of inadequacy, fear, jealousy, and for lack of a better word smallness that you could quite possibly empower another person and somehow in some weird way empower yourself.

Can't find the photo right now but the other night I saw a photo of a woman with the American flag wrapped around her somewhere in the Gulf Coast... no other image spoke volumes to me than that one... I'll try and find it and post it later...

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