Monday, October 03, 2005

Future thoughts...

Wouldn't it be great if I could figure out something to sell on ebay all the time? It would be great if I could bring in about $500 each month doing something on ebay... it is so easy, too. I just got through selling some of my scrapbooking leftovers and made about $250... amazing! They make it so simple to pay and ship to people, too... There must be something simple out there I can do.

On a lighter note, I actually have dinner planned! Hooray! And it's only 4:00! Hooray! I'm such a last minute cook when it comes to dinner... I get all the 'stuff' and then totally flub it when it comes to actually planning. I have kept a calendar of dinners for the past year so if I'm in a pinch I just look at the calendar and get ideas... Thank God for this woman though. She is a miracle worker!

Now on to scrapbooking:

Worked on some pages yesterday and didn't really get out of my pj's until, well, it was time to go to bed and then I decided to take a shower instead! Today, got some really cute ribbon at Michael's since it's such a cheap thrill... Nothing new at that store in terms of scrapbooking stuff although the holiday crap is piling up.

Back to you in the studio with an update on the war:

Read something about liberals wanting to pull out of Iraq and decided on a couple of things... I'm not for leaving the Iraqi people out in the cold. Our administration's approach was flawed and now we have to define what is success. I'm not sure Bush has a good definition... I'm not sure anyone has one... Although I think this veteran is on to something.

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