Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Weakness & Sickness

... damn that Mexican food! So tasty and spicy, easily filling, and completely saturated with salt and fat... Delicioso!

On my errands today, we passed by two Taco Bells... rats! Now, I don't think I've eaten at "The Bell" for at least 2 years. I probably last had it when I was pregnant the first time. But, man, oh, man is that stupid Mexican Pizza of theirs great... so much for my rant about not eating fast food.

On a stranger note, while inside the restaurant everyone was so stinkin' friendly! Argh! Why did they have to be to so nice there, too? Can't they see that I'm making a deal with the devil here? Or wait, perhaps it was the devil just smiling through the cashier's and customers' eyes... hmm... okay, I'm officially creeped out by that thought.

And on an even stranger note... this is probably the first solid (if you can call it that!) meal I've had since Saturday night when all hell broke loose in my stomach! Dave and I caught some sort of nasty stomach bug that wreaked such havoc on us that I don't think Sunday ever existed. I have never ever been that sick in my adult life ever! Poor Dave lost about 5 pounds over the course of the sickness... I told him his head looked smaller!

With that said, I pray if you are reading this you never have what we had... and that is something I mean from the bottom of my Taco Bell heartburned heart. Adios!

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