Tuesday, October 18, 2005

TWICE A WEEK?!?! What the #@!*???

So, it turns out that because I had a positive AFP test (even though my ultrasound showed everything was good to go), I have to go to the doctor's twice a week for non stress tests.

Basically, they wrap 2 straps around my stomach... one monitors the baby's heartrate and the other monitors the baby's movement... so, the deal is this... when the baby moves, the baby should have an increase in its heartrate. My midwife said that the baby needs to have a certain number of beats per minute to sort of pass this test. Can't remember what that number is right now... I'm sure I'll find out next time.

Well, I had the first one yesterday and that little boy just wasn't going to pass that stinkin' test! Argh! So after about 45 minutes on that silly recliner with poor Ashleigh going slowly crazy being confined to one area of the doctor's office, my midwife, Rita, asks, "When did you last eat?" I respond, "About 8ish." It's now about 11:30... nice. So Rita thinks that the baby is probably sleeping and that if I have some candy that will work! She leaves and comes back with a stack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum... I furiously chew away at one massive piece of gum. Anyway, it worked... he moved and his heartrate went up! Hooray! I just kept thinking to myself that would have been easier if she would have asked me that in the beginning... ugh.

So, with that... my next appointment is on Thursday... and I'm only at 27 weeks.

Oh, and did I happen to tell you that the baby's head isn't down yet? Joy! Rita says it's nothing to worry about... then why frickin' tell me!

I really like Rita and I really like Rita, my doctor, but honestly, what is up with that?

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