Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Been a long time since I rock n rolled...

It has been a long time indeed...

Where to start... chronological or importance? Or perhaps just skip around...? Eh.

Ryan and Ashleigh are doing fine... fine in terms of "normal", I guess. No 2 days are the same. Although today I'm trying to keep track of Ryan's eating and sleeping to see if there is indeed a pattern. What am I thinking? Pattern smattern... schedule, schmedule. As if a newborn knows these concepts.

I haven't completely lost myself yet in the reality of having 2 children. We're managing and Dave has gone back to work too. Thank goodness for swings, pacifiers and the ability to distract a 2 year old!

Ryan's birth was so surreal... I am still not sure I'm able to grasp what exactly happened. A few things stick in my head though... mainly comments from nurses. Our labor and delivery nurse telling me that as I was being wheeled into the Operating Room that I may see some scary things and another nurse telling us that 50 years ago Ryan wouldn't be alive.

The whole thing has been so different than when Ashleigh was born... I wouldn't say worse although some might... just different.

Ashleigh is a great spirited child... she continues to impress us with her abilities. I terribly want to get her back into Gymboree or something like that. Perhaps even swim lessons this summer. She is wonderful.

For me, I'll just keep this train a'rollin'... and hope that I can work on the occasional scrapbook page and just keep life simple.

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