Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oooo, that smell, can you smell that smell?

I think I am going to contact that Mike Rowe guy from Dirty Jobs and see if he wants to do my job for a day... I think cleaning poop from 2 children and 3 pets is a dirty job. Enough said. Oh and there is the occasional spit up/barf/hairball disaster from all 5 as well. That's good TV, right?

Cleaned the entire house last week except dusting our room and cleaning our shower (my arch enemy). Yesterday, went through the kitchen and packed up 2 boxes of items to donate. Also, went through our closet and probably have about 3 bags there. I did save 2 maternity shirts... just couldn't get rid of them yet... sigh. I guess I have spring cleaning fever...

Looked into a co-op preschool for Ashleigh today... I only checked out their website so it's just an initial screening... sigh.

Worked on a scrapbook page for Ryan this week, too... Hallelujah (and can you believe I spelled that word right on the first try! Nice!)!

Both of the babies are sleeping (the eldest actually just told me she was sleepy... sweet!) and my agenda for the day is done... I have taken my shower.

Oh, did I mention that I totally forgot about a doctor's appt. on Monday? Remembered that evening looooooong after the day was done. Oops.

Also, had that stuuuuuuuuupid song by Gloria Estafan and the Miami Sound Machine still stuck in my head... the rhythm IS going to get you!

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