Thursday, March 02, 2006

... but if you try sometimes, you might just find... you get what you need.

Honestly, having children is the most rewarding experience of my life.... it is, honestly, too, the most challenging. And being a stay at home mom draws out the best in me and at times I feel like I can do better...

I am their only mother and this is their one shot at life.

When I didn't have children I didn't understand... now I do.

It is a draining experience some days... and I am thoroughly used up when I rest my head on my pillow at night.

I constantly have to remind myself that it is worth it...

it is worth it...

it is worth it.


I never watched the show West Wing... just didn't care to watch a show on politics... why? The real thing is just as dramatic!

There are commercials for the final shows on right now and there is a line that one of the characters says that really gets to me... something like "I serve at the pleasure of the President and it is a privilege to do so." Reminds me of why I wanted to work for our country in politics. Nowadays, that saying would work for me except instead of President you would insert Family.

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