Monday, March 27, 2006


... does the dog stand about a foot from you when you are vacuuming even though she absolutely despises it?

... does the baby spit up about half a cup of yuck just after you've put him in a new outfit?

... does the little girl get all freaky deaky about things like the way you swaddle her baby doll or getting into the truck (oh wait, she's 2!)?

... do the cats meow about an inch away from the baby when he is about to take a nap?

You know those movies like Mr. Mom, Daddy Daycare, The Pacifier? The men, apparently, have no clue how to deal with children and make a comedic mess out of the situation while the women obviously know how to work some sort of magic and bring peace and calm to it all... well, I am the like the men... no clue, I tell ya... no clue somedays...

Thankfully, I still believe in a place called hope. :)

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