Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Intentions vs. Actions

So the other night while watching the Survivor finale, this wacky guy Shane says something that honestly hit home... something about if he was judged on intentions then he would be the Pope... something like that... and it sort of in a weird reality TV moment made sense. So yesterday I finally mailed out 2 birthday gifts (one early & one late) and 2 Mother's Day gifts (obviously late)...

Dave updated our iPods... so fun. Rocked out with Quiet Riot this morning... gotta love that hard rock from the eighties... still needed some coffee though. Must rearrange the music since although Dave and I like a lot of the same stuff I'm still not a big fan of Jon Secada or Travis Tritt... can ya blame me?

It's been hot here... bought a pool at Toys R Us and had a blast on Mother's Day playing in the backyard with the kiddies. Yesterday, got Ashleigh a proper bathing suit... pink, of course, especially since it's her choice. How did that happen? I was trying to raise a little girl who wasn't going to prefer pink and princesses over other colors or characters... huh... now I'm glad I didn't get her the pink Sleeping Beauty bathing suit/cover up set at Costco! I would be shunning everything I learned in any of my Women's Studies classes I minored in!

And since it's Wednesday 2 weeks from the last time I cleaned, it's time to clean again. hooray... NOT! alas, there is a fine layer of cat/dog hair on the floors that it calling my name.

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Anonymous said...

You are very talented, you know? I always thought so, but your streamof consciousness is gorgeous. (Can't spell terrific!) Why didn't you tell us you are a blogger? I always thought they were weird, but you, my dear, are not weird. I told you boys and girls are different. Just wait a few more years. Love, Anne

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