Thursday, May 11, 2006

love IS a burning thing

1. Watched Walk the Line... gotta love that Johnny Cash. Favorite part was when his agent was proposing the live album at Folsom and the record people said no because his fans were Christians and they wouldn't want to know he was singing to rapists and murderers. Johnny comes back with well those fans aren't Christians then... perfect.

2. Came across this the other day on MTV when they were actually playing videos! Un-freakin'-believable... especially the song "King Without A Crown"... I love it! Now that's something you don't see everyday.

3. Ashleigh is into bubbling as she calls it... aka blowing bubbles. She got so angry at it when it wouldn't work she threw it on the ground... I told her "Don't ever give up. Keep trying." So she picks it up and BAM! right out the shoot a huge stream of bubbles... see, that's what moms are there for...

4. Mother's Day is this weekend... and to match my pink iPod, I was given this ridiculous phone... thank you sweeties. Picked out two cards for the grandmothers and made two cards for the mothers, too... such a lovely holiday... even if it's made up.

5. Organizing my scrap supplies by color... why did I start this? It makes it look like I have more fo-shizzle than God however I don't... it just looks like it... scrapola everywhere. oy.

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