Thursday, July 27, 2006

"We should all just leave for the month of July..."

... that's what my neighbor said last night in regards to how hot it gets here in Sacramento... thankfully we did just that last week when we visited my sister in Santa Maria... the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

And so I'm sending in a rebate form for some carpet cleaner I bought and it needs a 3 x 5 card... I search around... nothin. Except I'm surrounded by paper...! So, I carefully cut one of my textured cardstock acid free and lignin free scrapbook paper and write my name, address, and email and away it goes. Bet that's the first time that company will get such a nice 3 x 5 card.

Oh, I finally ordered albums for all of my layouts! Hooray! I'm using brown ones for each one of us in our family and then green ones for albums titled "People We Love," "Places We Go," and "Things We Do." It's all modeled after this woman's scrapbooking way of life... She is great. Anyway, funny thing is the online store that I order from.... here in Sacramento! Of all places... usually it's somewhere in the Mid West but certainly not here. I place my order and in about 2 minutes the phone rings. It's the owner of the site explaining to me that they only have 4 of the albums I want instead of the 5 I ordered. So she'll hold my order until an additional one comes in which will be next week... I'm still in shock that I am getting a call! No one has this great of service... ever.

Finally, came across these... must make them soon... yum.

Okay, enough with the blog... I really need to work on my scrapbook space... it is so messed up I can't find my freakin' glue dots! And a girl needs her glue dots... true dat.

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