Thursday, August 31, 2006

10 things since I don't have enough time to do 20

So a friend has posted on her blog about why she hates being green... and no it's not the green as in Kermit the Frog... ha ha... she challenged others to do the same on a topic of their choosing...

Here is mine... albeit short, it gets to the point:

10 things I hate about being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM):

1. I hate not having enough time to complete anything well like a shower, a scrapbook page, dinner, the laundry... there's never enough time anymore.

2. I hate not being able to walk in a straight line anymore around the house. I have to climb over wooden blocks, teething toys and there's always someone in front of me either crawling or stumbling along.

3. I hate that I am in charge of poop.

4. I hate that although we have figured out how to make it work financially for us in terms of me being able to stay home by no means are we fat money wise.

5. I hate not being able to buy really beautiful high heel shoes since I really have no need for them.

6. I hate knowing so much about kids television and toys.

7. I hate thinking in my mind that other people must think I’m simple because all I do is take care of the children…

8. I hate the fact that as a SAHM I am really in charge of dinner and for some reason some days I don’t think about dinner until about an hour before we need to eat.

9. I hate smelling like breast milk and baby wipes.

Okay I could only think of 9 and well the natives are getting restless so there you go!

And yet… I love it all because of them…

1 comment:

Jane said...

What a great post, you are far from simple, you are an evil genius! :) Thanks for a great evening!

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