Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Can you believe it???

The high temperature for our neighborhood yesterday was........... 84 degrees! Get out! It was so cool in our house that I actually closed some windows... in fact, at one point during the day our thermometer at the top of the stairs read 74 degrees... it hasn't been that cool inside forever. Such a relief.

We enjoyed our time outdoors by hanging out on the patio... Ashleigh played with her sandbox and I read... Ryan slept (thank goodness he's taking 2 naps now!)... funny thing about being outside when it's not super hot out is that when Ashleigh dumps cold water on my feet it's actually cold not refreshing!

Got my albums for my scrapbook layouts and I'm busy sorting and putting them in their respective places... I can not believe how great this feels... Even just putting our family photos in a plain old album is nice. It's changing the way I look at things... how I want to record things... how I want to feel things... how I want to live. Such a powerful hobby this "scrapbooking"... Can you believe it?

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