Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mama, I'm coming hoooooooooooo-ome.....

I've been working on getting my photos and scrap stash in yet again order... this time I think I've got a system that works for me... I finally feel like this is it... Been putting my photos into regular old albums chronologically so we can actually enjoy the photo and then when I want I can scrap it... so simply, so easy... why didn't I do it before!?

Ashleigh slept in her bed through the night last night... thank goodness... she has been waking up for a week or so and climbing into bed with us... talking all jibberish too. I think she's sleep walking... how fun? boo.

Ryan has started to hitch his leg up under him when he's crawling... kind of doing more funky baby yoga moves... this time I think it's crouching frog.

Dave is flying back from Arizona tonight... we'll pick up the fire conversation again... wondering where our home will be???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish I could even get mine into an daughter is 16 months and NONE of her pics are in albums. Lazy momma, that's me.

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