Monday, January 15, 2007

Morning activities of a one year on his birthday...

7:00 am-ish
Wake up to Happy Birthday as sung by Big Sister and Daddy

7:05 am
Get served a big cup of milk by Daddy... DEEE-lish!

7:15 am
Greet Mommy with a big milky kiss and have her sing me Happy Birthday

7:30 am
Sit down with family and wait patiently for banana and cereal for breakfast

7:31 am
Get pissy with Big Sister as she eats banana in front of me and mine is being cut up in tiny pieces

7:32 am
Daddy hussles up and gets that banana to me pronto-style!

7:45 am
Play the drop milk cup from my high chair game... so fun!

7:50 am
Video camera pointed in face while entire family sings Happy Birthday... I wave and smile just to get them to stop singing!

8:00 am
Finally freed from high chair after much complaining and see Mommy sweeping floor... must help her! Where is Big Sister's broom... hmmmm...

8:01 am - 8:30 am
Found broom now generally follow Mommy around house pushing Big Sister's broom... I am such a good sweeper!

8:31 am
Listen to Big Sister yell from her room about not being able to find her tiny dust broom and dust pan.

8:40 am
Take broom to bathroom. Try to sweep up there and remember how I can lift the toilet seat!

8:41 am
Take broom and dunk it in toilet! Now that is some high quality entertainment for sure.

8:42 am
Mommy hears me and fun is over... darn. I'm relocated to kitchen.

8:45 am
Find drawer in kitchen filled with plastic cups and plastic plates again... Now why can't they understand that these items belong on the floor! Geesh!

9:00 am
Find Big Sister in her room and begin my first round of locating all the tiny objects that I can choke on... Yes!

9:05 am
Bring tiny object to Daddy. Drats.

9:10 am
Watch Mommy wipe down leather couches covered in dried milk stains... I must help her!

9:30 am
Remember how cool it sounds when I screech really loud in this house! So fun to do!

9:45 am
Reach for Mommy's laptop that is on her lap... she tries the "distracting technique" again... wish it didn't work so well but now I'm back in Big Sister's room and all the tiny toys again...

10:00 am
Find Curious George in Big Sister's room.

10:01 am
Remember I can lift toilet seat.

10:02 am
Relocate myself to bathroom.

10:03 am
Lift toilet seat.

10:04 am
Dunk Curious George.

10:05 am
Now that was fun! Better than the first time I did it!

10:06 am
Mommy finds me... drats. Relocated again.

10:30 am
Begin to feel a bit cranky. Throw head back into odd position and scrunch face. Ugh. Feeling sleepy.

10:45 am
Bang on windows.

10:50 am
Spend some time with Mommy in my bedroom. Finally change out of PJ's and get new diaper...

10:53 am
Placed in crib and cry but can't resist warm bed and sleepy feeling.

11:00 am
Sleep is good. Dream about cats and dog singing Happy Birthday, balloons, toys and another good times dunking Curious George.

Happy Birthday, Ryan... Today I'll remember how one year ago you stole my heart in an instant... I love you sweet little boy.

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