Monday, February 19, 2007

Coming out from the fog... with flip flops on.

A week of being sick with little ones takes a lot of out of you... I read recently where someone asked what a stay at home mom is to do if they are sick? The answer... it's not allowed! Ha! So true. I will tell you though that we did run out of TP however we all managed to eat.

A wonderful weekend full of sunshine helped. Our crazy backyard seems to be blossoming all over... every time I go out there to check out something, I find another new green leaf pushing its way up through the earth. Too many bulbs for our liking though. Often I just want to mow it all down and start over. I just want a play area for the children and a patio/BBQ spot. Simple enough yet I can't seem to find a good place for ideas. Eh, there's time.

So it's back to preschool this week for Ashleigh and a routine for the rest of us... woohoo!

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