Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Do you hear that???

Listen... a bit closer, just a bit more, ouch! not that close!

If you heard it (and that it would be silence) then you realize that both of my children are taking naps at the same time... a feat that does not happen very much anymore. I think both of them are either feeling a bit under the weather or they really are both very tired.

And I know that this moment in time won't repeat itself soon. They are both so little still and I treasure these days so much... for time does go by quickly and they do indeed grow up fast. From Ryan's soft, ultra blonde wispy hair and soft smooth oh so kissable cheeks to Ashleigh's big ol' smile and voracious laughter... I treasure it all.

And days like today I treasure... because it's days like this that make me a believer... and I know for a fact that God does exist. Miracles do happen... my children are both napping.

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