Sunday, April 15, 2007

New title

Well, I did it... I have started a vegetable garden... our very own "Victory Garden"... hopefully. Ashleigh is super excited about the garden although she is all about the harvest and somewhat interested in the planting. (Similarly, everday she asks me if the peaches are ready to eat!) I admit it was getting to be a bit slow going after we filled up our peat pots with water and just sat and waited for them to expand to the appropriate size so that we could get to seed sowing. We've planted cucumbers, corn, carrots, peas, green beans, green onions, tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, sunflowers... good stuff!

Now we wait... hard to wait... very hard... must wait a long time... still waiting... I really do hope that at least a couple of the seeds germinate and then really take off. There is one small problem... I planted like 72 peats pots just with tomato seeds. Yes, I'm not sure what I was thinking. Either I will have to throw half of them away when the plants start to take or I will be known as "That Crazy Tomato Lady."

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