Friday, August 10, 2007

I'd so fail at this part of my job description if I had a real boss and this was my performance review.

I've said it before but I friggin' suck at meal planning... I have no real life "how to" in that department when it comes to being a stay at home mom... so here is my attempt at trying for the next 2 weeks. Below is a list of meals I'm planning *gasp* to make for the family! I'm off to TJ's and Safeway in a bit for some of the ingredients we don't have...

Drumroll, please..... here it is, my friends:

* hamburgers, chips, corn
* spaghetti w/TJ's meatballs, garlic bread, salad
* italian salad w/garlic bread (basically the same recipe except I don't use the kraft salad dressing or cheese instead I add basil and parmesan cheese and Newman's dressing)
* roasted chicken w/roasted potatoes & beans from garden
* sausages, chips, watermelon
* penne au gratin (aka homemade macaroni and cheese)
* fish tacos, chips, beans (totally new recipe that I'm winging)
* TJ's orange chicken w/rice & broccoli
* beer can chicken, garlic bread, watermelon
* ravioli w/marinara sauce, garlic bread, beans from garden
* chicken burritos w/chips
* last minute lasagna
* grilled garlic chicken, cucumber salad, cornbread from TJ's
* and either a leftover night or a night out...

Pray for me in the weeks to come that I can pull this off!

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