Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yup, loved it... the last Sopranos... loved the song, loved that they all ate onion rings, loved Meadow horribly parallel parking... loved it. I felt like I was inside Tony's head... everyone is a threat and yet there is his family in the middle of it. Who knows what happened after the scene went black... and that's the way it should be.

I loved loving this show and I know every character was bad to the bone but it was deliciously great. Two times that show literally blew me away. First, when Adrianna was killed. Knew it was coming but the way it was done was horribly brilliant. Second time... Chris' death. I stood up and kept saying, "Chris! He killed Chris! Christopher!" So good. Dave reminded that we were both blown away when Big Pussy died... ah, the memories.

Dave and I were talking about the ending and Ashleigh overheard us... great! So she asks, "What show are you talking about?" I answer, "The Sopranos... it ended. It'll never be on again. We started watching it before you were born." Sigh.

So now what? Guess we'll need to start watching shows like Big Love or The Office or Grey's Anatomy... Nah! Forget about it!

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