Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Hunt for Orange Icing

When you have two small children under the age of 4 going anywhere is an incredible feat... if you can get out the door without uttering any curse words, the battle is half won.

Anyway, went to Target for some items today including the elusive orange frosting for next week's Halloween party at preschool... the parking lot if obscenely full and I am driving Dave's truck so it ain't easy pulling in to those teeny tiny spots made for Yugos... We finally get into the store after many yips and yaps about who is sitting where and whether or not Ryan will actually do a head dive out of the cart this time.

As we head into the waaaaaaaaaaay back section dedicated to Halloween I frantically slog my way through all the lunch time shoppers hoping in my heart of hearts that the orange frosting is indeed there on the shelf easy to spot and ready to go! I mutter to Ashleigh as we round the bend into the aisle full of spooky baking goods, "Cross your fingers they have the orange icing..." and I swear to you as we turned that corner this woman (all alone mind you) looked over her shoulder picked up the last container of orange frosting and gingerly pushed her cart along and away from sight.

Yup, she took the last one in the friggin' store... yup. So now the preschoolers will have to make due with vanilla frosting mixed with food coloring, dammit. Tragedy, I know that's what you're thinking... and I know you're thinking why not just go to Safeway and get some? Oh did you happen to forget that my children have the attention span of well a 2 and 4 year old and that this dog and pony show can't do more than one big shopping trip a day...

But I know one day that woman will be pushing her cart full of energy laden rug rats who are on the brink of bouncing off the walls because, well, they are just that obnoxious, and karma will crash into her like a board book being flung across the room hitting you in the eye (yup, i experienced this just the other day)... oh yes, it will happen, I know. If there is a God, it will.

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