Monday, February 04, 2008

Eight years gone.

Yesterday, Superbowl Sunday... children didn't fuss much, good friends were over to enjoy the festivities, NY won... had only one rough moment in the morning when I flashed back to that phone call I got eight years ago. I can remember what I was wearing that morning and how I lost the feeling in my legs and how then Dave called my work and then we were driving to the San Jose airport and then we were on a plane to my mom... and then my mom and then my sisters and brother... their faces... those feelings... all in a flash.

I remember being on that airplane bleary eyed, shaking, trying to catch a breath and looking out the window thinking, if there is a heaven, God, I hope he's running on a football field right now... running for the endzone after intercepting the ball... running and smiling... happy and at peace.

And that thought gave me a moment of peace... eight years ago.

photo from my dad's junior year yearbook

photo of my dad taken during his senior year walking onto the field

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