Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Breakness

We're deep in the thick of it here... 

(Ashleigh, proudly showing off her dyed eggs)

Easter is over, hard boiled eggs all gone and turned into egg salad sandwiches... Ryan is frantically devising a plan to get to the top shelf in the pantry where the chocolate bunnies are stashed.   Only a couple more days and then back to preschool.  Instead of Spanish, Ashleigh will be starting swim lessons again (we're planning on joining the neighborhood pool so lessons are a priority) and Ryan and I are going to a Parent and Me Soccer class aka let's all run around kicking each others shins and falling flat on our faces... can't wait!  

With the start of April that leaves only 2 more months left of the school year and then summer... I think the official last day is June 6th!  I've decided to stay on for another year as the preschool's vice president (yippee!) which means I'm a sucker for paperwork and I know now what happens if you don't immunize your child upon entering a preschool (not much but you do go on a "list" bum bum bum bum...).

Well, Ashleigh is calling me to her room to "do crafts and cut something out fancy with her scissors... Thumb up! Thumb up! That's what you do with scissors!" Song courtesy of aforementioned preschool...   

(Ryan, donning his disguise so we won't know it's him as he reaches for the chocolate bunnies)

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